08. Geotechnical and exploration drilling


Specifically designed to be fitted, if necessary, also with the well-known and tested Fraste automatic drill pipes loading system, which can be installed on demand, as the rig is made ready for the mounting of the drill pipes Manipulator Kit: a revolutionary option!

It is a quality, comprehensive, dynamic and multi-tasking drilling unit; always ready to be used for many dierent types of drilling
purposes: Geotechnical jobs, Soil Testing, Coring, Geothermal drilling, Ground
consolidations, Micropiles, Water wells.

Like all Fraste drilling rigs, its structure is very robust and construction concepts based on high standards; the design of the various systems ensures cutting edge hydraulics and performances, as well as easy use, simple, quick and low-cost maintenance. The installed components are produced by leading world-renowned companies as a further Quality guarantee.

The safety and perfect functionality of the Multidrill XL 170 are ensured by the
construction that complies with the European Drilling Machinery Directive and with all the provisions of the laws relating to work safety and environmental protection.

Multidrill XL 170 – The unbeatable rig: high productivity, low costs, absolute safety.


  • Drill pipes loading system
  • Hydraulic drifter
  • Dual rotary head
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Winch
  • Triplex pump
  • Screw pump
  • Foam pump
  • Line lubricator
  • Mast extension
  • Hydralic air valve
  • Radio remote control

Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.