08. Geotechnical and exploration drilling


Fraste Multidrill XL 170 T drilling rig mounted on 2 or 3 axles truck carrier: complete, dynamic, multitasking and high quality drilling rig… all Multidrill XL 170 crawler mounted drilling rig features, on “T”ruck fitting!

Always ready for dierent purposes: geotechnical, soil investigation, coring, geothermal, ground consolidation, micro-piles  and water well. Properly designed to be fitted with the wellknown and tested Fraste “MANIPULATOR” automatic drill pipes loading system. Sturdy, high construction standards, avant-garde hydraulic system and great performances, confirm the High-Quality production level of Multidrill XL 170 T drilling rig. Easy manoeuvrability and maintenance. Safety and perfect functionality are ensured in accordance with European Machinery Directive and all rules in the field of safety at
work and environmental protection.